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Software Quality Assurance Manager

In-depth knowledge of internet applications as a developer, tester, and user. Strong abilities with web development, deployment, White box and black box test procedures.GNU/Linux and Windows NT SysAdmin.

Native Environments
Software: Microsoft Office 2000 and earlier, VSS, SQL Server, IIS, Apache
Platforms: IBM4341, IBM PS/2, PC Platform, Sun SPARC Workstations, SGI Workstations, 68K and PowerPC based Macintosh lines
Languages: BASIC, C, C++, COBOL, ADA, Perl, HTML, Java, Some Delphi, Some Visual Basic
Systems: CICS/VS, DOS, ICCF, IRIX, SCO UNIX, Sun OS, Solaris, System 7, NetBSD, GNU/Linux, Novell Netware, Microsoft Windows NT 3.51/NT 4.0/3.11/95/98/2K

Employment History
1999 - Current San Francisco, CA
  SR QA Engineer / Interim QA Director
  Designed and deployed load test applications, build procedures, deployment procedures, test plans, application and content staging servers. Support development team's database, fileserver and webserver farm. Developed custom Sendmail server for internal email "firewalling". Mentor QA engineers and help continue their professional and technical growth. Assist other departments to practice and enforce quality procedures.
1999 San Francisco, CA
  QA Manager
  Enforced build and quality procedures for web applications, web content and online medical content database. Was mentor for QA engineers, assisted training junior engineers. Designed test case tracking system. Developed and executed load tests.
1998 - 1999 Molecular Applications Group Palo Alto, CA
  QA Manager
  Develop and execute automated tests for client/server database applications. Develop and execute test cases, test plans, and reporting schemes. Assist with bug tracking system design and process automation. Department webmaster.
1998 - 1999 The SoftBook Press Menlo Park, CA
  Web Engineer (contractor)
  Developed end to end solution for automated content conversion. Assisted in developing processes and procedures for electronic book content creation. Currently continuing development of automated document processing using Perl and ActiveX.
1996 - 1998 Chromatic Research (now ATI Research) Sunnyvale, CA
  System Test Quality Engineer/QA Lead
  WHQL, application and functional compatibility testing of "all-in-one" 2D/3D/Audio/Modem/DVD solution. Developed test plans for execution by a team of contract QA Engineers. Designed custom reference systems for the QA lab. Owned DOS README files. Teamed with development engineers for fault isolation and feature support. Developed comprehensive software catalog and assisted in the design of a complete test assignment and bug tracking system. Extensive HTML publishing and Perl/CGI programming.
1996 (4 months) Adobe Systems San Jose, CA
  SQA Engineer (contractor)
  Application quality assurance of Photoshop 4.0. Did in-depth software analysis of graphic task automation features.
1994-1997 BioHazzard SoftWorks Vallejo, CA
  Lead animator and game designer, programming, interface design, software/hardware research and evaluation, customer relations, contractor relations, personnel management, network design, field research via internet and printed periodicals.
1995-1996 S3 Inc. San Jose, CA
  Multimedia SQA Test / SQA Test Lead (contractor)
  Quality assurance testing of device drivers for S3's line of 2D/3D/Video accelerators and MPEG decoders. Developed test plans and extensive documentation of test procedures.
1993-1994 Atari Games Milpitas, CA
  Game Design Intern
  Designed and researched new coin operated games. Play tested prototype game units. Assisted producers and designers in game difficulty tuning. Learned all facets of arcade hardware and software production.
1992-1993 MicroPlus Systems Technologies Sunnyvale, CA
  Multimedia Specialist
  Designed and configured custom workstations for industrial CAD and multimedia applications. Technical and customer support. Product demonstration and training. New product evaluation.
Technical Experience

Multimedia SQA Test: Ad-hoc and black box testing of Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 multimedia device drivers and applications. Tested many third party multimedia applications.

Web Publishing: Wrote several Perl scripts used daily to track test status with different applications and software builds. Prototyped database interfaces using HTML Forms. Developed web based user interface to Test assignment database.

Multimedia Test Lead: Wrote test plans and test check off sheets for complete functionality testing of MPEG software decoder and associated applications. Also wrote test plans and test check off sheets for complete compatibility testing of 2D/3D acceleration, audio, communications, and joystick with entertainment software.

3D Modeler: Constructed custom 3D models for use in a 3D technology demonstration. Models required minimal polygon count for use in a real time rendering engine. Models included textured game objects, also assisted with rendering landscape texture maps. Rendered Heads-Up display and splash screens. All models built in 3D Studio.

GUI Designer: Laid out pop-up and pull down menus for a windowed DOOM II loader and game modifier. designed the application and menu functionality. Designed and built custom fonts and icons that were needed for this application.

PC Game Designer: designed menu system and four original game modules for Leo the Lion Jungle Fun. Designed games based on 3-6 year old demographic, and market trends. Modified existing artwork from previous game and rendered new art to be used as sprites in the game.

Arcade Game Designer: Did preliminary concept research, storyline design, feasibility studies, wrote prototype design packages, wrote project initiation packages, prototyping, and difficulty tuning, drone intelligence design.

Game Tournaments: Designed custom network for multiplayer DOOM tournaments. Including security, menus and weighted scoring tables. Developed on-line Netrunner league management software to handle game recording and player ratings.

Animator and product demo: Demonstration of animation products including Autodesk 3-D Studio, Autodesk Animator Pro, and Targa+ hardware and software. Worked mainly with the generation of 3-D images and animation to demonstrate the power and usefulness of the product lines.

Advanced Animation Trainer: Developed complete animation training course in advanced animation and digital effects using Autodesk Animator Pro.

Animator: Refined existing multimedia demonstration for Creative Labs' Sound Blaster, synchronized music with animation and digital audio samples using Autodesk Animator and Creative Labs' Multimedia Player.

ISV Game QA: Evaluated audio and video performance of prototype PC games, located and diagnosed bugs, and evaluated game play. Interfaced with Developer Relations to aquire prototype driver and game patches for internal testing.

Japanese animation, Real time 3-D modeling, digital animation, ice hockey, all types of games, and spending time with my family.

1997 Coleman College, Associates Degree, Computer Science, courses in progress.
1989 Coleman College, Computer Information Science Certificate.

References available on request.

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